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Six Chances: Side Stories contains canon, episodic side stories about various characters in the dieselpunk, psychological mystery, science fantasy web serial/novel Six Chances.


The License 
sub-genre(s): slice-of-life, comedy
Taking the State Conductor’s Exam is only part of the challenge of obtaining a State Conducting License or so Olive soon finds out.
Side-story taking place after part 2 and featuring the main six.

Vater & Matka 
sub-genre(s): slice-of-life, drama | TBA
How a military man with a cold heart, a shy woman with a cold will, and a powerful orphan with cold hands came to find some warmth in each other.
Three part side-story featuring the history of the arctic trio: Yulia Kriska, Fritz von Spiel, and Kovich.

Fratelli | 01 • 02 • 03 • 04
sub-genre(s): crime, drama, action
The past cannot be buried. Not for ELPIS, not for the residents of the Twin Cities.
Side-story featuring the Foxman Family that takes place in-between part 2 & 3.

sub-genre(s): drama, romance, psychological | TBA
Upon initiation, different ELPIS leaders take in how much the world has changed.
Side-story featuring what ELPIS was doing pre-part 2 with a focus on Theta.

The Camping Operation 
sub-genre(s): slice-of-life, comedy, adventure | TBA
Important reminder before embarkment: this is a serious operation—not a camping trip.
three to four part side-story involving the main six going deep in Signum’s wilderness on something akin to a camping trip. takes place in-between part ?? and ??

The Camping Operation (Inverse)
sub-genre(s): slice-of-life, comedy, adventure | TBA

In Memoriam
Tributes to characters that have passed.
구름 (27.3 spoilers)