Fratelli (I)

SummarySub-genre(s): crime, drama, actionThe past cannot be buried. Not for ELPIS, not for the residents of the Twin Cities.Side-story featuring the Foxman Family that takes place in-between part 2 & 3. 01. Rumor (Casa) 〚1927〛 It’s not a home. That’s for sure. He can close his eyes and walk from one side of the flatContinue reading “Fratelli (I)”

The License

SummarySub-genre(s): slice-of-life, comedy Taking the State Conductor’s Exam is only part of the challenge of obtaining a State Conducting License or so Olive soon finds out.Side-story taking place after part 2 and featuring the main six. Cadence hadn’t stopped howling for over half an hour. Every time her cackles would die down, she would takeContinue reading “The License”

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